Members holding shares in the physical form are requested to send scanned copies of duly filled Forms ISR-1 and SH-13 to [email protected] with the following documents:

1. Self-attested copy of PAN card with the date
2. Self-attested copy of Identity proof with the date (Any one of Aadhaar card, voter ID, or Passport)
3. Cancelled Cheque or copy of Bank passbook/bank statement with the address, and
4. Copy of the Aadhaar card of the Nominee.

Members holding shares in demat form are requested to update their KYC details with their Depository Participants (like Geojit, Acumen, Banks, etc.). We cannot update the KYC details of these shareholders.

About Janam Multimedia Limited

Janam Multimedia Limited (CIN: U92100KL2007PLC021625) is a public company incorporated on 31st December 2007 under the provisions of the Companies Act. The Registered Office of the company is currently situated at T C 52/512, Thottekkat House, S K V C Road, Kanattukara P.O., Thrissur, Kerala, INDIA 680 011.

The company launched its own Television Channel in order to fill the vacuum between reality and the common man. It is said to be as the darkest hour before dawn when the world of Malayalam television was going through that long, dark hour until the sun has risen in the form of JanamTV.

JanamTV was launched in June 2015 with the blessings of His Holiness Sri Sri Ravishankar. It was at a time when Malayalam viewers were condemned to watch silently from the side-lines while the existing TV news channels indulged in blatant bias to protect their narrow vested interests. With a massive collective effort and all the capabilities of an entire community is what we see JanamTV today.

Your TV channel plays an active role in protecting the nation’s interest by impartial reporting and investigative journalism. Further, the channel will play an important role to educate the public of the need for rational and patriotic thinking; and inspire the society to react to bring in positive changes in the nation and transform the country as a world leader.

The channel will be part of the fight against social injustice and corruption prevailing in the country today. From unbiased and uncensored news to educationally, professionally and socially-oriented programmes, from politics to business; from entertainment to amusement; from traditional beliefs and their rationale to modern concepts; from the very material life to highly spiritual; Janam will touch upon all aspects of life, in their true and most authentic forms.

Janam will operate with the most modern and available technology in the visual media field in order to ensure the best quality productions and to suit the time.

The vernacular visual media in Kerala has seen a boom of sorts during the last two decades. From the eighties when Doordarshan Malayalam was the lone player and the nineties when the arrival of first Malayalam private channel opened up a whole new world to the television viewers, today the Malayalam television industry has virtually come of age.

Like any other sunrise industry, there is a flurry of activity and excitement all around, with new entrants trying hard to position and make themselves relevant in the crowded scene. This is not without reason. High Literacy rates and elevated socio-political awareness across all sections of society ensures more penetration by visual media in the years to come.

Malayalam channels have an added advantage with overseas market especially the Middle East. Moreover, the presence of non-resident Keralites is growing elsewhere too. Thus, it can be safely assumed that the next couple of decades will be an era of an accelerated upward swing for Malayalam TV industry.

P Viswaroopan
Krishnakumar Sivaraman Nair
Vishnu Prasad B Menon
N P Murali
Sajeevan Parapparambil
K S Muraleedharan Pillai
Jayachandran B
Rajan Nair Poyilakada
N K Surendran
K P Madhavan Unni
Sreekumar K R
Taj Kollara
Manoj Kumar P C
Ambalavanan A P

M V Babu
Suresh Babu K R
Unnikrishnan V Oachira
Dr Vinod Viswanathan
Omanakuttan Pillai

Key Managerial Personnel:
Remya Kuttoor Ramachandran, Company Secretary
Sujith P., Chief Financial Officer

In a nutshell, the JanamTV will have the right blend of right programs. It will be marketable and commercially viable on one hand, espouse and defend the true socio-cultural values of our age-old tradition on the other. However, while positioning the channel, we will take the socio-political realities of Kerala and place ourselves in the mainstream to avoid being marginalized as the political mouthpiece of any particular segment or political party.

A great Television Channel opportunity beckons GOD’S OWN COUNTRY.

Kerala TV market registers steady growth of above 15% while the National Average is 12% to 15%. Keralites residing in different parts of the world like Europe, America, Middle East & Singapore further widens the geographical scope of Satellite TV Channels. These encouraging environs for Television Channels in Kerala are leading to various new TV Channels entering the market space so much so that almost all the leading print houses, socio-religious groups and political parties of the state have started their own Satellite TV Channel. Broadcasting industry is booming in the region in hand with the sharp increase in Metropolitan Culture, increase in Population Density, Migration and Fast Urbanization of Rural Areas. Today we already have 11 GEC Channels, 5 News Channels, 4 Music & Entertainment Channels and 3 Gospel Channels. Another 6 GEC Channels, 4 News Channels, 1 Music & Entertainment Channel and 2 Gospel Channels are proposed to be launched shortly.

Above all other factors, the relevance of JANAM stems from the fact that all the existing channels in Malayalam have either fixed long term agendas or tend to cater to the needs, aspirations and ‘hype’ created by the current socio-political cauldron in the state.


Yes & No. It may not be the solution, but play a major role in being part of the solution. In a State like Kerala with High Literacy, Elevated Political & Social Awareness, a Television Channel can definitely have a profound impact and make positive changes over a period of time. The voice of the people is heard in the voting booth. The decisions made by the people in the voting booths are based on the information made available to them. That information is provided primarily by the news media. Any dishonesty, untruthfulness or manipulation of news in any of the three dimensions – informatic, factual, and thematic – can lead to undermining the political, cultural or social structures of the community and thereby undermine the community’s capacity to self-determination. Unfortunately, this is precisely what is happening. With the leading media houses, propped up by the various socio-religious & political groups, having entered the TV channel industry, ‘TRUTH’ has been the biggest casualty. Most of the News Channels are leaning towards one group or the other, making them as a sheer POV (Point of View) of particular section, making the voice of silent majority irrelevant. The Lack of Truth in News Broadcasting, making the dominant bias versions to be consumed by the public, would disturb our cultural ethos and restructure the social chemistry in the State that would, if left unchecked, lead to a dangerous social crisis in the State. Only the nationalist forces can check such malafide designs that are backed by huge funds. Hence, JanamTV (News & Current Affairs Satellite TV Channel) is more than just a Television Channel; it will also have a social mission to become a forum to Consolidate and Channelize the energy of like-minded people to achieve this goal.

How a Janam TV channel can be successful in this crowd?

In this unique situation, the obvious question is whether JanamTV channel, in a scenario where a growing number of channels are vying to get attention within a comparatively small viewer base, can fulfill its social mission and yet be commercially successful venture.

Yes. Primarily because of four reasons:

1) Its social commitment and goals notwithstanding, JANAM is being designed and launched as a commercially viable project. It will not be a channel that will cater to the needs of any particular section of the society, but a mainstream channel with all ingredients needed to ensure its commercial success too. The content of JANAM will have the required flexibility to make it a commercial successful venture in the least possible time. (While the entertainment programs will help the channel to create a space of its own and also cater to the commercial success of the project, the news and current affairs programs will address areas of concerns and socially relevant issues.)

2) Kerala, being a consumer state, is a market where the percentage of television media consumption is constantly rising. It is also one of those states where per capita income is also high. It is being considered as testing market for many new brands and their products. Thus it has the prospects for increasing Advertising Revenue as well.

3) Today, television channel shares are highly valued by intelligent investors not without sound reasons. The buoyant Indian economic scenario and especially growth rate of Malayalam television industry make this a wise investment at the right time.

4) Unlike print media, Channel loyalty is unheard in visual media. With right blend of eye-catching programs, attractive look and feel, and effective professional management, JANAM can definitely come up as a top rated channel in a couple of years. We will make this happen by involving the best talent in the country to conceive and produce programs with novel ideas, brilliant news breaks and market oriented, market centric selling strategies and value added propositions.

Launching a television channel is a very complex task that needs multi-specialty expertise. There are five major components that make the pillars of success and stability for any new channel- technical quality, good infrastructure, strong and aggressive marketing, well packaged content that appeals to the viewer and a strong distribution tie up. All these components need to go hand in hand and progress simultaneously to make the project a success. Understanding this complexity, Team JANAM is treading its path carefully. We are doing our homework earnestly with clarity of thought, to be able to professionally manage the project from the outset. Each passing day gives us more confidence that JANAM channel will definitely emerge as an effective tool for the desired transformation in Kerala society in the years to come. Janam is a commercial venture where, wise, righteous and planned investment can be made. Armed with expertise and a resolve to deliver the best quality productions, Janam is poised to take its first step in a smooth road to success. As the prospective returns on the investment in Janam are associated with Company’s performance, the shareholders can anticipate good dividends in forthcoming years.

On the other hand, the social fabric of Kerala is fast changing where economic superiority of organized groups is now followed by efforts to dominate cultural, social and intellectual spheres as well. Anti-national forces, often backed by foreign funds are also viewing Kerala as their safest haven today. Well-coordinated designs by such forces to reinvent our cultural ethos and restructure the social chemistry in the state will have disastrous consequences, if not checked immediately.

Powerful tools like JANAM will definitely give impetus to nationalist forces in efforts to resist such grand designs, especially at a time when the eternal values that has defined our social fabric are under threat. JANAM, through its programs, will be the voice of the ‘Silent Majority’ and bring about enormous and collective changes in the modern society.

Looking at the history of Kerala, we can see that newspaper and other publications played a pivotal role in pioneering social and political reforms in the state during 19th and early 20th centuries. Be it the social reformist movement led by Sri Narayana Guru or Communist movement that ultimately came to power in the state through ballot vote, they all had used available media platforms to spread their message and garner public support.

As a result of many such factors, Kerala has developed into a society over the years, with not only high social and political consciousness, but media consciousness too. (Keralites may never blindly follow what media says, but it is evident that sustained campaigns through media have had its effect in shaping up public perception in this highly literate state.) Today, it is very difficult or impossible for any socio-political movement to register success here without considering or understanding this unique aspect.

Visual Media in Kerala

The success of print media in Kerala is part of history and need not be stressed again. Following the trend, vernacular visual media in the state has also seen a boom of sorts in the last two decades. After Doordarshan, the entry of private players from early nineties has opened up a whole new world to the television viewers.Today the Malayalam television industry has virtually come of age. Here are some major milestones in the history of Malayalam TV industry.


1965 – Doordarshan begins transmission (National)
1985 – Aug 15th- DD’s Live telecast of Independence Day
1985 – New Year Day- First Malayalam TV News bulletin from DD.
1988-1993 – Monopoly of DD in Malayalam Visual Medium
1991 – Govt constitutes State television Awards
1993 – Asianet, the first private television channel enters scene
1995-96 – DD and Asianet TV serials comes into prominence
1998 – Surya TV starts telecast
1998 – first mega serial in Malayalam “Stree” takes off in Asianet
2000 – New Year Day- 24x 7 DD Malayalam Channel starts
2000 – August- Kairali Channel launched.
2000-2005- TV emerges as a powerful medium in Kerala
2003 – IndiaVision , first 24×7 news channel starts transmission
2006 – 9 pm news hour becomes part of Malayalam psyche
2006-2010- More channels ( GEC, News and Gospel)
2011 – First Malayalam Kids Channel from Surya
2012 – New Channels on the anvil.

Registered Office:

TC 52/512, Thottekkat House,
S K V C Road,
Kanattukara P.O.
Thrissur, Kerala 680011

CIN: U92100KL2007PLC021625

Phone: 0487-2382962
Email: [email protected] , [email protected]